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Dex and Izz

by Izz

Dex is my first cousin. My dad and Dex's mom are brother and sister, and we share Granny. She lives in an apartment thing behind my house. Dex lives a couple of blocks away.

Dex's parents split soon after he was born. His mom refuses to talk to Dex about his dad, but even my dad will admit that the guy was a loser. Dad says he left behind "several legal actions, a wife, a baby, and a bad smell that took three serious attempts to get out of the carpet."

Dex comes and goes here as he pleases, and he likes to read the papers with Dad, who's also a news junkie. The two of them don't have other men around so they tend to hang together pretty well. "You're like the son I never had, or the nephew I actually do have."

Dex likes blowing things up and knocking things down. I don't know if there's a cure for that. Maybe science will find one.