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JANUARY 17, 2008

Eyes in darkness
Granny Green

Posted by: Granny

Lights, please! Can we get some lights in here?! In my day, we didn't have to ask for the power to come on, we could just flip a switch!


Posted by: Izz

Sorry, Granny, but today we're taking the No-Power-For-an-Hour Challenge!


Posted by: Dex

That's right. No video games, no computer, no TV, no lights... no electricity! We could probably call it "Detention" instead.


Posted by: Izz

We're seeing what it's like to not use any power at all for an hour. Unlike last time when I killed the juice, this time I talked to Dad first and he agreed to try this. He said something about "raising awareness about our family's collective energy use as it relates to our carbon footprint." Or something.


Posted by: Dex

Ask your parents if you can try the challenge! Before you do it, check out our recommendations for things to do when the power's out.

If you try the No-Power-For-an-Hour Challenge, tell us about it!